AEQ – Spanish Association of Chiropractic   informs:

*) CHIROPRACTIC, despite being recognized as a health profession by the World Health Organization (WHO), and having health status in most of the developed countries of the world, including many European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Denmark or Switzerland, and in some of them with recognition as a basic health healthcare profession,   IT IS NOT A HEALTH PROFESSION AND HAS NOT BEEN OBJECTED TO EXPRESS REGULATION IN SPAIN. As the sanitary regulations are a matter of domestic law and reserved for the sovereignty of each member country of the EU, the chiropractic profession in Spain is in a situation of regulatory vacuum . From the Spanish Association of Chiropractors (AEQ) has been requested before the courts and the Ministries responsible for Health and Education that the Parliament promotes the legislative process that recognizes the sanitary nature and substantivity of the chiropractic profession. In countries that have legal regulation, the degree in Chiropractic is obtained at the end of the educational programs of 5 or 6 years. Two Spanish institutions, the Royal Maria Cristina University Center of Madrid (UCR) and the Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC), offer programs (OWN, NON-OFFICIAL TITLES) of five years for the training and practice of chiropractic, waiting for this profession to be legally recognized in Spain. Meanwhile, these titles meet all the quality and excellence standards demanded by the European Council of Chiropractic Education (ECCE ), and paradoxically, Spanish graduates will be able to practice as official health professionals in other countries such as the United States, France or England, but not in his own. The AEQ was created and recognized by the Ministry of the Interior in 1986, includes 200 members who hold a university degree recognized by the European Council of Chiropractic Education, which guarantees compliance with the highest standards of quality in the exercise of this profession European level, but unfortunately, to date, our degrees and diplomas   THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL TITLES IN SPAIN. If you are being treated by a chiropractor, verify and verify that you are a member of the AEQ in the “Search for a chiropractor” section of your website:, that way you will have the guarantee that it meets the quality standards established by ECCE.   The regulation of chiropractic in Spain is a matter of political opportunity, but meanwhile, chiropractic professionals who meet the requirements established by the Statutes of the AEQ are in a situation of legal uncertainty and comparative wrong with other professionals from other European countries , it may happen that citizens are treated by presumed chiropractors who do not meet the minimum quality standards internationally required.

(**) The Web   www clinicaqo .es   provides information on the professional services of   James Birdseye chiropractor at Clínica QO SL . , company owner of the contents of this Web. The contents of this website are offered for informative and informative purposes. The owner is not responsible for the content or the statements and opinions expressed by third parties on its website. The contents of the website do not constitute or intend to replace a professional health advice, since   CHIROPRACTIC IS NOT A HEALTHCARE PROFESSION AND HAS NOT BEEN SUBJECT TO EXPRESS REGULATION IN SPAIN   , so that the owner does not assume any responsibility, direct or indirect, that could arise from the use that could be made of said information.

(***) “The   Chiropractic   is a health profession that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these on general health. It is based on manual techniques, including joint adjustments and / or manipulations focusing mainly on subluxations. ”   Definition of the World Health Organization (WHO). Guidelines on Chiropractic, 2005

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