Health problems present in adult life can develop during childhood and adolescence, for example, health problems related to scoliosis. The spinal column is the bony structure that houses the spinal cord and the roots of the nerves that are responsible for sending and receiving important signals throughout the body. These are vital for maintaining your health.

I’m sure we have all witnessed children and teenagers with uncomfortable looking postures in front of smartphones and computers. They can suffer the same spinal tensions as adults but their bodies are more flexible and better able to compensate so are less likely to have symptoms. However, the bad postural habits they have at a young age may have bad effects later on.

Whether you are young or not so young both chiropractic and osteopathy can help prevent a wide variety of conditions that have their origin in the vertebral column and nervous system. Furthermore, regular maintenance visits will keep the spine and nervous system in good shape so health can be expressed to the full.

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Insomnia is any sleep disorder. Correcting this symptom is very important for the quality of life of the individual, since rest affects the mood, character, and mood of the person; besides being very important for health.

Neck pains

Neck and shoulder pain is another common problem, by which people come to our clinic.

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The definitive test to know if there is a herniated disk, is an MRI, because with an X-ray, we would only see the bone and not the soft tissue. In the MRI report, your doctor can describe the hernia in several ways: left lateralized hernia, right lateralized hernia, central hernia, or paracentral hernia.

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Low back pain or lumbalgia is a term that describes any pain in the lower back. The chiropractic and osteopathic structural treatment that we offer in Clínica QO contributes to reduce the pain of low back pain.

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