Neck and shoulder pain are both common problems that can improve with osteopathic treatment or chiropractic care.

Neck pain can be caused by problems in the spine that also cause headaches, dizziness and vertigo. We examine and treat the spine to reduce muscle tensions that contribute to neck and shoulder pain.

Osteopathy and Chiropractic seek to provide a more long lasting solution by taking a more global approach to eliminate the cause.

Posture is important! Shoulders can become rounded with the neck sticking forwards and so losing its natural healthy curve. This can accelerate disc degeneration and arthritis.

Accidents (no matter how long ago), falls and whiplash are some of the things that may affect the shoulders and neck. A person, who has worn a neck collar following a whiplash injury should get themselves checked. This is because whiplash injuries can weaken the muscles supporting the neck and speed up the degeneration process. Remember that degeneration/ arthritis cannot be reversed!

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