Sciatica generally refers to disorders affecting the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve originates from nerve roots exiting the lower part of the vertebral column. These roots come together to form the big sciatic nerve that passes through the buttocks, the hamstrings and then branches off to lower parts of the leg, foot and toes. That is why people can have nasty leg pain, calf cramp and numbness in their toes.

Sciatica can be caused by “pinched” nerves in the low back. This is the type of thing that we see in clinica QO on a daily basis and it is something that usually responds well to treatment.

Sciatica can be associated with lumbar (low back) disc hernias. Disc hernias are worn out or damaged discs that can sometimes cause a lot of pain and can take longer to heal. If left alone disc problems can get worse and take even longer to heal. However, with the correct care we can help to stop this vicious cycle and the body should start to heal itself slowly but surely.

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