Headaches and migraines can greatly improve with chiropractic and osteopathic care. At our clinic we look to correct the cause rather than mask the symptoms.

Headaches can be caused by blood vessels in the brain, irritated nerves of the neck and referred pain from the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

The position and flexibility of the pelvis and back can also be related to headaches as they can have a knock on effect in the neck, which can trigger the symptoms. At clinica QO we look at the spine, nervous system and the person as whole to help restore proper body function. When your spine is in good condition you are less likely to suffer with headaches, migraines and better able to express health overall.

Many of our patients tell us that they are tired of taking painkillers to alleviate their headaches. If you feel the same way then come and speak to us for advice on how you could get rid of headaches in a natural way.

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