The definitive test to know if there is a herniated disk, is an MRI, because with an X-ray, we would only see the bone and not the soft tissue. In the MRI report, your doctor can describe the hernia in several ways: left lateralized hernia, right lateralized hernia, central hernia, or paracentral hernia. These terms describe the impact of your disk. This is because the disk core can “pop out” in different areas of the disk. The hernia is categorized in one way or another, depending on where you are physically.

Another medical term is “discopathy”, this refers to degenerative disc changes. The “stenosis” is a narrowing of the channel that invades the space through which the nerve passes. The hernia, can create stenosis. By reducing the hernia, the canal can regain its diameter.

To understand their symptoms, understand that hernias that are lateralized, always give symptoms on that same side (right or left), because they compress the nerve root, only on that side. A central hernia, oppresses the marrow directly, therefore, sometimes the patient with central herniated disc experiences symptoms on one side, and sometimes on the other; or more pain on one side, than on the other.

If the tissue is decompressed, and the mechanical failures are corrected, then the degenerative process is slowed down, the interference or pressure on the nerves is removed and the disc can heal. At Clínica QO, we take care of restoring the functions of the body, having excellent results with patients affected by hernia and disc protrusions, we are experts in very effective methods for the treatment of herniated disc.

The person who suffers from a herniated disc must understand that the disc nucleus is formed by a kind of gelatin, and because it is composed of said substance, it can transmit the forces of movement of the spine (in any direction), also protecting the tissue that surrounds it. Due to these functions performed by the nucleus, it is very important to keep it in perfect condition.

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