Whether you want to run, dance, swing a golf club, walk, stand or brush your teeth over the sink then your hip joints are fundamentally important! They are the ball and socket joints where the thigh bones meet the pelvis and are located in both sides of the groin. Hips have evolved to be phenomenally good load bearers that transfer the weight of the body to the legs. They also provide flexibility for walking, sitting cross legged or bending forwards.

So now we have a better idea of why hips are so important for daily activities but we are missing one very important part of the hip puzzle… The nervous system!! Hips and the nervous system are inextricably linked, i.e., having a healthy nervous system is good for the hips and healthy hips are good for the nervous system and your health. This is a virtuous cycle!

Many of our patients with hip problems have been stuck in reverse for some time and have followed a downward spiral until symptoms have arrived or until the symptoms are no longer tolerable. It’s a shame that these problems are left for so long because it makes more sense to prevent and maintain, rather than to rectify. Nevertheless, we help the great majority of people that present with hip ailments.

Some patients say “But how can you help?! I have hip arthritis!!”. For us it’s simple… chiropractic treatment helps restore good structure and function to all parts of the body, including the hips and the nerves that control them, regardless of whether there is arthritis or not. Of course, each individual case is different so we conduct a complete consultation and examination to find out exactly what the problem is. Then we let chiropractic and the body’s natural healing ability do the rest.

Remember, if you suffer from hip problems and want to be able to do the things you want to do, just visit your chiropractor. They´ll know exactly what to do.

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