Have your baby checked to assess their spinal health and any possible birth related traumas.

Whether it was a 100% natural birth or a birth assisted with hands, instruments or a caesarean section, the baby can undergo a lot of physical stress.

This can cause newborns to have stiff necks, face and head asymmetries, sleeping disorders, excessive crying (colic) and one sided body postures to name but a few.

The birth process is not only the first spinal “shock” humans experience, but also one of the most traumatic. A simple spinal check, within the first few weeks of being born, could help give you peace of mind that your baby’s spine is in good condition and ready to help them grow to their full potential.

Today it is common for parents to take their babies to a chiropractor or osteopath because of: colic, constipation, hyperactivity, nervousness and scoliosis.

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