Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curve of the spine that often looks like an S shape when viewed from the back. It is more common in girls than boys.

Xrays are done to confirm the presence of a scoliosis and to measure how many degrees of curvature it has. After skeletal maturity scoliosis advances more slowly or not at all but mechanical alterations of the joints caused by a scoliosis can influence spinal degeneration (arthritis) throughout the individual’s life.

The most common symptom patients report is back pain but people are also concerned by how their curve looks to others. If the deviation is quite marked organs may not have the space to function like they should.

The cause of most scolioses is unknown and scoliotic curves can develop at different points of a child’s development. Sometimes it might run in families and sometimes it might be caused by an asymmetrically formed vertebra.

More conventional treatments can include wearing a corset and in more advanced cases the patient may face a surgery to fuse the spinal column.

At clinica QO we will not say that we can correct a scoliosis but we strongly believe that if your spine moves well you are more likely to have a better posture and be better able to express health.

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