During pregnancy there are changes in the center of gravity of the woman, the body must balance and adapt to the new state, weight gain and added organic changes. This results in tension for the spine.


Insomnia is any sleep disorder. Correcting this symptom is very important for the quality of life of the individual, since rest affects the mood, character, and mood of the person; besides being very important for health.

Neck pains

Neck and shoulder pain is another common problem, by which people come to our clinic.

Low back Pain

Low back pain or lumbalgia is a term that describes any pain in the lower back. The chiropractic and osteopathic structural treatment that we offer in Clínica QO contributes to reduce the pain of low back pain.


Dizziness and vertigo are problems that may originate in the cervical. At Clínica QO we take care of evaluating the function of the cervical area, in order to give a definitive solution to the patient who suffers.


Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine that is more common in girls than in boys. Until the girl reaches her skeletal maturity, there is a danger that the deviation will continue.

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Complete evaluation

After taking your medical history and performing a thorough physical examination we will tell you what the problem is and create a treatment plan to suit you.


Personal attention

We work in fully equipped private rooms, where you will have time to discuss with the professional the evolution of your problem and any doubts you might have.


Effective treatment

Our clinic was founded in 2011, since then we have helped more than 2,000 patients to reach and maintain their maximum health potential. We invite you to read the different comments and evaluations of our patients online.

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Los mareos y el vértigo, son problemas que pueden tener su origen en las cervicales. En Clínica QO nos ocupamos de evaluar la función de la zona cervical, con el fin de dar una solución definitiva al paciente que los sufre.

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Dichos dolores, además de que pueden causar malestar y falta de movilidad en el corto plazo, pueden llegar a convertirse en afecciones.


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