Denise Klockzin


As I grew older I became more and more interested in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, wondering what is healthy for us, what makes us sick and what we can change to have a healthier life. For that reason I graduated in Physiotherapy in Berlin in 2010, then I moved to Spain where I worked as a physiotherapist for 2 years until I decided to start my career in Osteopathy.

I wanted to learn more about the human body, its complexity and inter-relationships. With experience I understood that the symptoms referred to by the patient often have their origin in distant structures, and this fed even more my desire to continue learning.

The global approach of Osteopathy in the moment of diagnosing and treating the patient, the fact of being able, through the use of my hands, to help people to heal themselves with non-invasive techniques, safe and very effective, are the reasons why I have chosen this profession. To be able to help people to improve their state of health is my greatest satisfaction!

Member Nº 3630, ROFE Nº 261


James Birdseye


As a child I was fascinated by human biology, the human body, and the way it functioned and maintained itself. I had no idea how important it was to have a healthy spine and nervous system until a chiropractor treated my mother and helped her avoid spine surgery. It was then that chiropractic really caught my attention! It was effective, did not use medication nor surgery and together with a good diet and physical exercise, anyone could live a happy and healthy life.

I decided to study chiropractic in order to learn more. Towards the end of my studies I went to Costa Rica as a chiropractic volunteer, which further awoke my passion for chiropractic and serving others. Since finishing my studies I worked in London and Portsmouth, UK, before settling down in Alicante. There is a famous quote by Thomas Edison, “I never did a day’s work in my life, it was all fun”. This is how I feel working with the team to help our patients improve their health.

James Birdseye is a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic at the University of Portsmouth, England. It is Member AEQ Nº 1292


Natalia Esnal

Patient Care and Administration

I never thought, while studying my MBA career, that I would end up working in the health sector. Chiropractic found me first as a patient, in 2009, when I sought help for dizziness and back pain. Since then, the twists and turns of life have lead me to this health project, which I joined with all the joy of being able to help to so many people who, like me, need a professional helping hand in order to live life to the fullest. These natural forms of health care have changed my life, opening a previously unknown horizon of wellbeing, health and happiness. I can tell you that when your health recovers naturally, you will see what it is like to live full of energy, peace and joy.

We all have the right to have a healthy life, to feel good about ourselves, to be healthy so we can enjoy life and others, Denise, James and I are dedicated to make that happen with professionalism and honesty. We love what we do especially when we hear a suffering patient tell us later “I’m better”!

It is an honor for me to be a member of this team, and I will be delighted to be able to help you.

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